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The long ground cable I have

The long ground cable I have comes with a professional kit that one of the
better known vendors on this board supply's. I see a lot of people use the nearest ground point and a few of them are having noise problems.
I measure everything before I apply power. If you are using a chassis ground I would take a resistance check on it to make sure it was very low meaning that if I short the leads of the meter together nothing is added ohms wise to the measurement when going from the ground point to the negative terminal on the battery .(sub tracking out the ohm value of the test leads is what
I'm getting at )
I ran across a guy that had just tried to attach it under the nearest bolt, but the chassis had anodizing there giving him a high resistance connection
and he was blowing the inline amp fuses right and left till somebody told to him sand down the connection point.

Another way to check is measure the battery at the terminals
of the battery and then again at the amp power terminals the voltage should be very close should be very close if you have a good connection.(with the amp on)

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