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how do you guys dry your cars after washing?

So I paid Raja Ventureshield a while back to do a paint correction on my car and figured I would invest in some better car wash products than I've used in the past. I have to admit that since I've been driving company cars for the last seven years or so my method of washing has usually been "drive through automatic car wash"

So anyway I get on DD and order the basic Sonax car wash kit with the soap, wash mitt, little bucket insert thing, and a pair of waffle weave drying towels.

Here's the thing - either I'm doing something horribly wrong or those towels don't dry worth squat! Tonight I finally had a chance to wash the car when it wasn't raining, I wasn't stuck at work late, and I wasn't miserably sick with the flu (ugh!) So I washed it at the place down the street, left the wash bay, drove home about a half mile, then tried to dry the car, and even the tiny bit of water left on the windshield just got pushed around rather than absorbed. Not a big deal for now because, well, it's winter and it'll look like hell in two days anyway, but eventually it's going to not be winter anymore and I'm going to want it to look really ,really good. And I can't, not with water spots all over it!

Before I break out the old school chamois (yes, I have at least two!) that I know will work, what are you guys using?