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Originally Posted by David1 View Post
Not true. This feature is only active under maximum braking.
Well, no it is always active and is designed to compensate for the avaialble traction at each wheel during braking. The front brakes on all cars are larger than rear brakes because they are designed to take the majority of the braking load to stop a car. EBFD allows for the system to effectively use the rear brakes more as they can be controlled through the ABS hardware not to lock but give maximum braking force during braking. Being there is a size difference between the front and rear brakes, in most situations with BMWs, which have near perfect weight distribution, the front and rear brakes tend to wear at the same rate. As evidence, I've gone through two sets of brakes and all four wore out within 2,000 miles of each other - this happened twice, once at 75K and again at 193K.

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