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Originally Posted by Fitz335 View Post
I don't like extended warranties because the things that generally go out during them are "wear and tear" type of things that are not covered.
are water pumps wear and tear? or injectors/coils?

Originally Posted by aph335i View Post
From what I've heard, all the big components such as turbo/waste gate, HPFP, and injectors are all extended warranty regardless up to 120k miles or 100. Something like that. So the census will say no, don't get extended warranty.

Originally Posted by Meeni View Post
No need to change the plugs so early (rated 100k miles, and everybody that remove them earlier find them in like new condition at 80k+ miles).

Having a water pump changed at 20k miles is not a great history, its a potential overheat already.

The question of extended warranty is hard to answer conclusively. The car cost quite a chunk of money to keep working and many (minor) repairs quickly cost a lot. To what extent these will be covered is never clear though. Check that the warranty covers:

* Oil Leaks (from main pan, valve cover gasket, oil filter housing, main shaft bearing)
* Electronic failures (in particular airbag system failures are very common, even beyond the seat mat recall)
* clogged injectors
* dirty intake valves that provoke rough running
* water pump (already changed, but it may fail sooner than later anyway, and will probably be dead again @ ~100k).
plugs rated early? i have a tuned 335 people say to change em every 25k..