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Originally Posted by thomsomc View Post
I've been lurking here for a while trying to find out whether or not a 335xi is a terrible mistake or not.

I recently found a 2007, NON CPO, 335xi sedan that's an good deal at only $20k and has been taken care of (it was a lease, then a CPO, and I'll be 3rd owner).

However, it sounds like no matter how well taken care of these cars are, they might just fall apart at the seams.

We've all had a girlfriend that ultimately drove us crazy, spent our money, fought with our mom, threw our stuff out the window...but was absolutely unforgettable in bed. She was awful through and through...but when you think about her, all you can think of is how those first couple weeks felt, and to this day you still have a hard time getting her out of your mind.

Is the 335xi the unforgettable girlfriend? No matter what you do, will it always be a problem? Am I trying to justify a non-CPO twin-turbo-time-bomb because I can't stop thinking about the test drive?

I really just want someone to tell me it's not worth it, and I'll walk away. I'm just afraid nobody can, because they all remember the test drive too.
Thomsomc, I feel your pain but no one can tell you it's time to walk away but you. I've had that girlfriend you described above in both a woman and a BMW. Both nice rides. Nice fat azz. Not so much on the girlfriend...butt I digress. I put about 200K miles on a 2001 X5 and replaced everything from the blower resister, to window regulators. From self leveling suspension to 2 alternators. From the coolant reservoir to of the plastic cooling system. From the sway bar links...(every 10K) to fixing the dead pixel problems. From the dead left fog light ground wire issue to the water pump(s). Threw good money after bad at that beast (yes, still talking about the X5). Did all the work my-lonsome or I couldn't afford it. After all those issues...and many, many more, I'm still excited. Engine never failed, transmission was as strong as an ox. With all the issues I hear about the E9X, it's nothing compared to what I endured and so I'm like, bring it on! I may be running for the hills after a few months but I highly dought it. I plan on putting a couple hundrend thousand on her, surely will run through some issues's the price you pay. Warped logic coming from an engineer...sure but hey... Just my two cents