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Chris W.
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What's Going on With My Lights!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to start another topic on this. But this is just weird. I have a 2006 330i with sports package and xenon adaptive headlights. I got a warning light indictating that an exterior bulb was out. I was getting some scratches repaired at a body shop and just asked them to check it out. I was told one of the angel eye rings was out and they said the entire headlight had to be replaced at a cost of $1200.00. I declined and looked myself, sure enough the angel eye around the passenger side high beam was out. Then I flipped the high beams on and neither high beam came on. I've just been driving it and the warning light comes on each time I start up. Then today the warning light for gas came on and I filled it up. Upon restarting engine the warning light for the exterior light did not come on. When I got home I checked and the angel eye around high beam passenger side was now working but the high beams still do not come on and I'm not getting a warning light. The low beams do get brighter when I switch the brights on. Am I'm missing something here?

Should I just replace the high beam bulbs and if so does anyone have a good DIY. Thanks.