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thoughts on 2010 335i CPO pricing

Folks, I'd appreciate if I could get some input on a 2010 335i CPO that a local SoCal dealership has to offer. Asking price is $368xx.

It has 17,xxx miles. Previously leased.
M-Sport, Sport, Premium and Navigation.

Their original asking price was $40,xxx.

When I went in, asking price was $38,xxx. I asked for $39,000 OTD. They said fat chance and I thanked them for their time and promptly left. Over the last couple weeks, I've seen the price go down to $37,5xx - this was the very next day after I had seen it. Now it is $36,8xx.

Edmunds and KBB both priced it around $34,XXX.

Would appreciate any thoughts folks have. Thanks!