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Originally Posted by Fergy33WF View Post
You are commenting on the fit and finish of a car that hasn't even hit the market yet?

By the way guys... Don't forget this is the entry level C7. 450hp is right on track considering the base C6 is 430hp. Should be on a little bit of a diet too so that will translate to a performance boost. I believe they are hinting at sub 4 second 0-60. The Z06/Z07 model will be on its way in the next few years.

I personally love the new styling. Think it has more of a european look to it and it is nice to get out of the outdated interior. Although it is certainly not the best of the best, it is certainly a decent interior considering the price point.

Audi A3?
Yes, Audi A3. Mind you not many auto interiors can stand up to Audi's interior aesthetic design, material choice and tactile feel.

Not sure what year this one is....

2014 Sport line interior....

I don't expect GM to flick a switch and make interiors on par with the best of the business. What gets me is they debut the all new corvette and the buttons are oversized, weird shaped and seem to be arbitrarily placed. But what puts me over the top is the turn signal stalks on the steering column. I swear that is the SAME fricking stalk that was on my girlfriends 1984 camaro and also makes appearances in 1992 camaro, chevy blazer, GMC pick ups, etc....

I mean really, you can't redesign a better looking, feeling, functioning turn signal stalk in 30 years?!?!?
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OMG more nutscape!

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