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HELP!! Halogen To Depo Xenon Swap

Hey guys,

A while back I bought some depo headlights from ebay but "euro look." (clear corners.) I swapped out the CCFLs with ultrabright LEDs. They work. I also swapped out the cheap halogen projectors with OEM D2S hid projectors. They dont work. Everything else works. High beams and corners also work.

My car currently has an HID kit with wiring harness and resistors. My regular H7 HID bulbs do not throw codes. But when i plugged in my D2S bulbs they wouldnt turn on. Does anyone know what could be the problem??

I've done some research and i know the euro spec have pins 2 and 5. The depo headlights i have do not have 2 and 5. So i'm pretty much loss since i dont have oem.

Any help would be much appreciated.

EDIT for Photos:

Heres what they looked like out of the box:

Just with Halos on:

D2S Projectos 5000K:

Fully lit:

Thanks in advance,


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