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Originally Posted by Alexandra92 View Post
is it fool proof though?
Completely. It might take you a try or two to get it right, without any bubbles or splotchiness. The first time I did my kidneys I got some of that. I should probably take them off and do them over, but it's not bothersome enough to take priority.

You can look up bunches of tutorials, but basically you're spraying on paint that dries into a rubbery film. If something doesn't look right (like bubbles or you just don't like the look), you can peel it off in one big sheet, it won't leave any marks or residue. The biggest problem is when you only get a bit of light spray on something, because then you have to spend the time rubbing it off, it won't peel off contiguously.

The idea is to mask off around the edge of the trim, but loosely (only to get the light spray that's a pain to rub off). Spray the trim so it's got a nice even coat, then peel off all the overspray on the paint or door.

Overall, it comes out looking shockingly good. The thing about vinyl is that most of it looks nice, but all the edges where there are inconsistent folds or cuts look tacky, and like you've wrapped your car in vinyl. All the lines on plasti-dip sort of hide themselves, and it doesn't look tacky until you're right up super close (not got-out-of-the-car-in-the-next-space-over close, where vinyl starts to look off, but lean-down-and-examine close).