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Ask for Jeff beakmoney. I've been going to him since I bought my car in 09! he's the younger of the sa's and very knowledgeable (even said tranny fluid change is a good idea. lifetime fluid=100k Lol) . The only thing is I don't have any mods so I'm not sure how lenient he may be..... But he's cool and will definitely be as fair as he can. Tell him Carlos sent you!
Jeff's great and Jerry really good too. Just to give you an idea on my e92 335....I have 19" VMR710s, M3 bumper, M3 side skirts, AFE stage 2 intake to name a few. It's pretty obvious the car's modded. Non issue. One of the techs even told me he liked what I've done with it. Mine is still under CPO and when my transfer case went a few months back, Jeff just made sure the part was issues.
Will be calling Newport this afternoon. I've got a few issues I want them to address including what appear to be damaged transmission bolts(my throw out bearing was replaced by Warwick but its a long story) and my rear turbo and valve cover appear to be leaking. At this point I have bms intakes, jb4(easily turned off), vrsf downpipes, dinan mufflers, bilstein coilovers, h&r sways and methanol.
We'll see what happens. Being in the business may buy me a bit of consideration, that and almost anyone with a brain can see my issues are not stemming from the modifications. Will update as things happen.