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e90 320 to e90 m3 rep

heres the thread i said i would start to help anybody if they are dull enough to go ahead with such a thing

it was a crash damadged e90 i bought so instead of replacing all the panels with originals though might aswell go for a rep look

the rear panels have been done with oem e90 m3 panels, got the rear bumper also to be fitted and will be having a custom exhaust for the m3 look

i was given the front wings with the car but i think they are replicas so they will be changed to oem if this is the case?

list of parts so far to be changed
wings (if these are reps]
light brackets
washer bottle
carbon fibre bumper carrier but gonna try without first
air ducts
misc brackets

i want to use lci parts if anyone has any help or info if these will fit it will be greatly appreciated as i going into this without much understanding of these cars

heres a few pics as car stands now

as said any help or information appreciated and hopefully others will find this usefull cheers