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Originally Posted by TDIwyse View Post
I leave my OBD dongle plugged in as long as it isn't more than a couple days without driving. Although my start/stop button doesn't react like you're describing. Not sure what to say about that.

In the Vehicle Profile, some things that may impact boost accuracy include:
Engine Displacment of 3 litres, Volumetric Efficienty of 85%, and Boost Adjustment of 0. Try playing with those values. I see "peak" levels of ~28-29 psi (it leaves a little red mark on the dial display where the peak occurred) at full fueling and high rpm's.
+1 on the engine displacement, volumetric efficiency and fiddling with the boost adjustment. In my 135, boost max's out at 2.2, I put the boost adjustment to -10 so the boost reads 0 at idle. Still not quite right, I think, but I don't have anything to compare it to.

Sub'd to this thread in case someone figures out the exact settings for boost and validates accuracy.

Torque is great for monitoring coolant temps, too.

What mount are you using to hold your phone right there on the dash?
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