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Originally Posted by efdiesel3s View Post
I'm almost 100% sure you aren't suppose to use high beams in thick fog. If it is zero visibility the beams are not going to cut through the fog and allow you to see further. Your high beams would also blind the oncoming traffic. In fog situations you use the fog lights to allow you to see the peripherals better and for oncoming traffic to see you without blinding them.
You are correct - you absolutely should NOT be using high beams in fog as your driving lights. In fact, using WHITE lights of any sort will produce more "blinding" glare than the preferred yellow, which my DRL's and fogs are.

I was "using" the fog as a display screen of sorts to visualize and evaluate the projection angles and beam width of my various lights and discovered the DRL high-beam was completely skewed. I probably could have worded that better in the question.