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Originally Posted by 135gofast View Post
+1 on the engine displacement, volumetric efficiency and fiddling with the boost adjustment. In my 135, boost max's out at 2.2, I put the boost adjustment to -10 so the boost reads 0 at idle. Still not quite right, I think, but I don't have anything to compare it to.

Sub'd to this thread in case someone figures out the exact settings for boost and validates accuracy.

Torque is great for monitoring coolant temps, too.

What mount are you using to hold your phone right there on the dash?
The boost has been validated against the BT tool, which reads the MAP sensor directly. Although the BT data is in different units and includes normal atmospheric pressure as well, so you need to subtract that to get what is typicall referred to as "boost".

The dash mount is this:

I like it. It's conveniently located so it's easy to plug in the auxiliary jack and route the charger connection. This is nice for long drives where I'm using Torque, streaming Pandora or Slacker, and using GPS nav.