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Originally Posted by mlhj83
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Nothing wrong with the driver. For what its worth I think the prius look good. At least he didn't do something stupid like flare out the arches or install a GT spoiler. I'll give him one thing, its unique and tastefully done. Yes, its still a prius, but the guy likes his car and is riding in style. IMO its the best prius I've seen.

You think electric cars are slow?

I do think it's silly to make a car (that was built largely for economical purposes) look overtly sporting. It's completely contradictory and pointless. Effectively, it's like you are trying to be something you aren't. It's no different to someone sticking another brand badge on their car. By all means, everyone is entitled to pick any car they want, and everyone is entitled to mod it whichever way they want, but, have a bit of sense in doing so. Let me put it the other way, if you had a 458 Italia, would you put eco tyres and wheels to save fuel at the expense of performance?
You mean like "Auto Start/Stop" in an M3?