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Wow at first when you replied I looked at the video for a minute and was intimidated by the length..but I just watched it now I wish there was more to it. That was extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing! I now feel very confident with Lightroom now.

Currently I'm trying to get used to the camera as I'm starting to borrow it more often from my sister, it's a Nikon D3000 with the 18-55mm lens I think I'm really not sure. If you've got any tutorials on basic camera shooting for cars that would be much appreciated. What I've got down so far is: setting it to RAW, a lower ISO setting, and using a tripod. I'm so-so on the aperture..still getting used to that. I've got a ton to learn..but Lightroom I've got it down now thanks!
There is a matching video that talks about the shoot... its focus is purely on how to think about and approach a car photoshoot... you should see it in the related videos link if you watch the vid on youtube.

Glad you found it useful!
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