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Originally Posted by R3D View Post
A couple more:

Don't you hate it how you have to change the temperature for each side individually (climate control option)? I'm not sure if all BMWs are like this, but I hate it how I can't control both sides at the same time.

Don't you hate it how pressing the window button up or down twice will stop it from moving? Sometimes I'll pull the button up twice out of habit to ensure that it's rolling up, but the second pull will make the window stop. If you want the window to stop, you should simply have to press the button in the opposite direction like other cars.

*Note: I LOVE my car. I'm just point out things that I don't like
What year is your car? From 2009 on there is an "All" button on the climate control that allows you to control both sides with the driver knob. Regarding the window, you are way to anal. Why pull the button 2 times? That's a bit crazy dude.