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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
Falkens start out average and drop off a cliff after about 8,000 and are downright dangerous in the damp after that.
Had exactly this when I had a GTR a few years ago which came with virtually new Falkens when I bought it so I thought I'd use them until they wore out. To give them their due. they were pretty good for about 8000 miles but then performance seemed to just fall off a cliff within a VERY short space of time to the point where they were what I'd consider dowright dangerous with the car squirming dangerously if you even looked at the throttle. Never experience other tyres go off SO quickly, before or since.

They are a decent tyre and I know their is much love for them on this forum but unless they've improved things massivly in terms of wear rate vs performance, I'd rather spend the extra 150-200 and get something better.