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Clicking from Right Front Wheel

Hi all. I have an '09 E90 RWD, Auto, with the Sport Package. I live in the cold. Yesterday it was about 7 degrees outside, today it is 11. Right after I leave my garage I drive perhaps .1 miles at about 20mph, I have to apply my brakes on a slope (stop sign). Just yesterday, the front passenger area of the car produced a ticking sound (probably about 4 per second--frequency does not change while car slows) while the brake was applied. It stops when you release the brake. It did it again approaching a stoplight 1 block later. I didn't hear it again the rest of the way to work.

When I got in my car in the afternoon, it made the sound not while braking, but while making sharp left-hand turns in the parking ramp. After I got out of the ramp I didn't hear it again.

This morning, leaving the house, I heard it again while braking at the stop sign and at the light, and not again after that (despite several other stops).

I have no idea what the issue is. Any advice would be much appreciated.