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Further in response to my concern about the demulsfier properties of Diesel Kleen+Cetane boost considering our cars do not have a water fuel seperator....

Power Service recommends using a product called Clear Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner. It removes water, but it is not an emulsifier. Emulsifiers will pull excess free suspended water droplets into the fuel, which can be harmful to injectors. Clear Diesel is a solubilizer, meaning that it will thoroughly disperse water on a molecular level, and the water will be harmlessly carried out of your fuel system. Employees at PS personally uses this product with every tank on our Bluetec Benz’s, 2012 F-250’s, Q7 TDI’s. Without the use of a product such as this, you will eventually accumulate a water bottom in your fuel tank. PS typically recommend using Diesel Kleen with every tank, and Clear Diesel every 4th tank or so.

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