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New Brembo GT's

Hey guys,

Got myself a new set of brembo 6/4 gt's and was wondering if the noise when coming to a stop or firmer braking normal? Its pretty hard to describe but it kinda sounds like a vibration/drone which can be distinctly heard in the cabin, and definitely louder than stock brakes.

The stopping power is definitely noticeable despite being in the break-in phase but I don't feel the braking power being very linear. I've driven other cars with big brakes(either modded or stock) and the feedback and response from the brakes tend to be very consistent. Many would use the term progressive, however in this case the braking power seems light on 20% pedal depression, stock braking power at 50-60% and more bite at 70% and above. What i'm trying to say is that the consistency of the braking power isn't very linear with pedal depression.

My main concern is that could this be due to reasons such as the hoses not being bled properly, brake fitment, break-in period etc, or simply me being sensitive.

Hope to get some feedback from peeps here with BBK's fitted! Btw, they simply look awesome and would like to share some pics with you guys (: