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Originally Posted by msrothwell View Post
I've done it, using 4 rear 161s and Continental DW 255/40R17's. I'm totally stock and it fit fine. I've got two sets of staggered 161s, I'm using the 8" fronts for "winters", and the 8.5" rears for summer tires.

It definitly increased grip a ton. Steering feel took a hit, but I think it was more due to the switch from potenza runflats. I definitly felt more body roll, because it would pull more G's and overwhelm my stock suspension instead of breaking away.

I did it for the same reasons you did, tire rotatablilty and increased fun. I like the increased tire life (25k on Conti DWs and still not to the wear bars) but I'm not sure that it made the car more fun. Maybe if I was tracking the car it would make sense (with higher spring rates), but my BMW is a DD. If you want to drive to NC to get them, I'll sell the 4 rears to you.
thanks for this feedback. I'm on sport suspension ride height, with more camber. Seems like some wheel manufacturers (ie Apex) think you can go 9" width wheels with 255 on the front, if pins are pulled, so I think I'm going to be okay fitment wise.

I found that going to non-RFT took away some of the steering responsiveness, even in stock width up front.

My main concern is with regard to putting that much tire width (255) on an 8.5 up front, since most people seem to go the other way (stretching some). Wondering if it kills steering feel or responsiveness....or makes the steering feel too heavy. I would think it would improve grip and braking though.

Thanks for the offer on the wheels, though I've already bought one rear...if I go forward, I'll need another. If I don't, then I'll have one for sale myself.