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Originally Posted by mlifxs View Post
thanks for this feedback. I'm on sport suspension ride height, with more camber. Seems like some wheel manufacturers (ie Apex) think you can go 9" width wheels with 255 on the front, if pins are pulled, so I think I'm going to be okay fitment wise.

I found that going to non-RFT took away some of the steering responsiveness, even in stock width up front.

My main concern is with regard to putting that much tire width (255) on an 8.5 up front, since most people seem to go the other way (stretching some). Wondering if it kills steering feel or responsiveness....or makes the steering feel too heavy. I would think it would improve grip and braking though.
I run 255/40 17" on 9.5 rims square and it adds a ton of grip and improves breaking. Handling is improved also obviously. The 8.5 rim is small for this tire. You will notice that the tire will bubble on the side since the rim is narrow. You really need 9.0 or ideally 9.5 rim to provide the maximum support for the tire to handle vehicle weight and transient responses. Your steering feel will not be impacted that much if the tire has required support from the rim. Your M3 arms help also. If you get lightweight rims you will improve handling and braking by decreasing unsprung weight. You will definitely feel it. This is the best mod for these cars beside suspension.

Just my 2c ...

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