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Originally Posted by BOBKUR View Post
Those lights sure get rid of TAILGATERS, it is priceless to see the look on their faces when you turn them on.
From my experience the only time I ever get tailgated is if I am in the fast lane and unaware someone behind me wants to go faster(rare since I try and check rear view mirror every 8-10 seconds, and if they are tailgating me: it's my fault and I get over right away. There's nothing worse than someone in the fast lane not driving fast enough, I believe that gives everyone right to tailgate. There are those times when it's a one lane road and someone is just being an a hole howeverand rides your ass, then I can see a purpose. Yet I personally see more purpose as to F around and mess with friends or scare people at red lights like I accidently have the car in reverse and going to back into them when it turns green