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Originally Posted by Andy M View Post
Why not?? I own a lot of them! Assault rifles too!

Actually you should check the gun laws in Canada if you are bringing them. You can't bring in full-auto guns, guns with barrels that are too short (e.g. HK USP Compact), and 30 rnd mags. You need to get a Canadian firearms license first before you import them too. Otherwise you shouldn't have too much problem at all. I might buy a DD M4v3 from the US and all you have to do is register them.

As for the car thing, I highly recommend winter tires too. In Toronto, RWD is ok with winters...I think you could even get by with all-season tires but when the roads get bad, the all-seasons aren't that good. Fortunately for Toronto, they use so much salt here and they're really good on the salting/shoveling that the roads are often bare if you wait a bit after a huge snowfall.
don't forget that you need a permit to transport any "restricted" firearm (i.e. any hangun or "assault type" weapon like an AR-15) and you will have to join a gun club since they only place you can "transport" such a firearm is from your home to the gun club. A bit of a PITA, but I don't have an issue with these kinds of rules.
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