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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
What about an FF
It looks shit....and if I'm honest, it'll still have crap Fiat parts much like my Maserati did.

Originally Posted by briers View Post
Thanks Andrew gives me a starting point to know if i'm being bummed or not

My D fits in easy already but might need it extending a little depending on whats next.

Ah....correction duly noted (D, not I). Consider me told

Oh, and as for 599 GTO....too expensive and see my point above - same will probably apply.

Originally Posted by Real Thing View Post
I'll give you a call Saturday Morning and see where it is you may have to go in the Car with the back to front wheels thou as I think I may have sold the GT-R to a guy off the GT-R forum
The car does (just) fit into the garage (and access much easier than you'd think once in there....the doors take very little width to open) so will definitely be home Saturday (bar picking the E up in the morning). Give us a bell when you want to come just to make sure I haven;t been dragged out for anything!
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