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P0174 problem

Ok so i know there has been other posts about this but I can't find a fix for mine. Sometimes when I do hard pull to go on highway my "ses" light comes on. It says the code means "system too lean bank 2". I have catless down pipes and exhaust on car but no tune. This is bc I bought car used and I assume the guy before me had a tune with these mods.... I heard it could be o2 sensors , hpfp or vacuum leak. What should I do and how should I tackle this without spewing money out of my wallet. My warranty is up on my car hence I am seeking advice before going to dealer or an Indy shop. Let me know what you guys think. Btw I seen people have both bank 1 and 2 codes thrown at the same time, for me it's just bank 2. Which Idk what this means. It went off like a month ago, I cleared code with buddys reader from shop he works at, and it went on again last week with same code thrown. Lmk!
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