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Hey guys, just got my set of M310s for my E92 sport suspension
9.5 in the rear
8.5 in the front

Went to discount tires and they said 235/35 19 in the front and 275/30 19 in the rear should work, but after mounting and driving off I noticed that and hard turns or fast dips in the road would cause a scraping noise so I figured I'm rubbing.

I think **********s recommended I go with 265 in the rear and supposedly I shouldn't rub right? I like the bigger/wider look of the 275s and feel that 10mm would make a noticeable difference (or would it not be that noticeable)

I'm coming in here to ask you guys for opinions on what my options are. Would rolling my fenders be enough for the rear? Or do I need to downsize on tires?

Appreciate the input. Here's some pics.
What ET are the wheels?
35 for the front
33 for the rear
black/black/black e92 loaded
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