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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Really informative thread OP. I'm picking up a pre lci 335D with 35k and did wonder about these issues but i'm happy to stick to v power diesel. But what additives do you use and how often? In my 320D it says no additives...

Also, i also have a DTUK CRD-T which i used on my 320D and im thinking of putting on the 335D. What maps and levels do you normally use?
I don't use any additives - never felt or had the need to. The v-power diesel I find is a cleaner burn and keeps the inside of my engine in good all round shap from what I've seen.

If I get chance I'll have a look tomorrow at the map setting, it's been a while since I looked lol
Tbh, I'd try all 4 map settings at +10, give it a couple offals on each map, then see what suits you the best
You may need to have Andrew flash the 35d maps onto your unit btw
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