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Originally Posted by Lrscpa View Post
1. Has anyone gotten this to work better than the previous version?
2. Does email now display on iDrive screen with an iPhone?
"Better" in the sense that my old iPhone didn't connect with Connected Driver regardless of iOS version. Now, with UPD010006 installed it sees the iPhone5 (on iOS 6.02) fine and delivers some things.

I get BMW apps - webradio, RSS news, Twitter, Calendar and WikiLocal. All good when connected via USB 30 piin/lightning adapter. Install was painless.

Car status updates as well on phone and it holds it until further updated.

Text messages show up when I go to "office", but email does not.

No on-screen notification for texts though.

Have Siri integration via voice command as described elsewhere --- manual start on phone required (and it would be really helpful if I remembered to disconnect afterwards!). Easy to reply to a text via this method.

None of that available if not USB-connected.

I also noticed some tweaks to menu options (these may have come from an earlier update which I hadn't done though.)
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