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Central heating boiler cycling

Boiler seems to be cycling a lot. It will run from cold for say 15min then stop, boiler stat on max. It will then stop for about 1 min and come on for a further 3min or so and do this until the the wall stat clicks off.

However if I move from pump speed 2 to 3 it stays on for practically the entire time it takes to heat the house. But, it's very noisy and I seem to get a lot more air in the closed system doing this. Trv whistle, circulation whurr etc.

Pump is 15/60 to 20 radiators and 90% have trvs, does the cycling sound normal or should I try to balance the radiators? I tired to balance by hand recently, maybe I didn't let enough water in to escape and loose enough heat before returning?

That or the flow is too slow through the boiler?