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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
if you dont understand what it means, maybe its best if you just keep it off.

if your curious,

Boost on fuel lets say, depending on what map you run, you can see what your target boost is and your boost limit. lets say map 1 boost target is 13-14 PSI. Your fuel gauge(showing boost) should be a 0 when your at idle. You build boost when you put rev your engine or when engine is on load. Reading would be 0 mark is 0PSI, 1/2 tank mark is 10psi, and 1(full tank) is 20PSI. So your gauge should show above half way and under 3/4 tank. you'll only see 13-14PSI under wide open throttle.

Air fuel ratio on fuel gauge, would be 0 mark-10:1 1/2 mark -15:1 and full tank is 20:1. usual target is around 12-13:1 ratio. you do the math.

yea i was looking for that part where you said it should be around 12-13:1 now i know what to normally look for,
the reason i asked this is becuase my car took a s*** on me the other day and after reading the codes i had a misfire in ever cylinder besides 4 and 6 some one told me to be careful its not timing issue. thats why i wanted to see what i should be looking for if im reading timing on fuel..