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Originally Posted by Ferruccio View Post
Terry said he made a fuel pump setup and will be comparing the two methods. Though, the one problem is he can only estimate exactly how the vishnu setup is done. I'm still on the fence about it. The only upgrade I need to do right now is the clutch, then a turbo rebuild.
The funny part of this is Terry could just call FFTEC and order one of the pumps so he can get his own real world testing, not to mention he would have something to copy when he tries to makes his own solution. But like everything BMS has done in the past in spite of Vishnu, they have taken skewed data to create propaganda in their efforts to fuel the anti Vishnu trolls. Like Shiv’s mile times for Edmond’s. They showed all the attempts to run a good mile time with street conditions with a MT car, then turn around and show footage of a FBO AT car with RBs on a well prepared drag strip running better times. So when you talk about BMS bench testing the Walbro e85 upgrade to the Walbro e85 inline series upgrade, I have a hard time believing the information that is provided won’t end up being damaging toward Vishnu in some way even through Vishnu didn’t design or build this solution. This was and still is a FFTEC product. So why do I support the FFTEC solution? I have it installed on my car and haven’t had one issue running 80+% Ethanol content (100% e85) in my car sense I had it installed. So if you’re on the fence, take the information provided with a grain of salt because independent research show increased volume with two pumps in series and that volume % increases the higher the system restriction is. If you truly need more volume and you’re hitting a wall with LPFP codes all the time, do yourself a favor and close your eyes and buy the pump kit from FFTEC.