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Originally Posted by Vargasturbotech View Post
If you think that sounds like a civic, I think there might be something wrong with you. You will never get that sound from a N54. Its a straight 6, that's a V8. The way the exhaust pulses merge and flow is what creates the exhaust note. V8's and Straight 6's will always have a different exhaust, no matter which exhaust, cats, resonators or lack thereof.
That video shows an E46 M3 which is inline six s54b32 engine. To the op the sound of this particular M3 has been sought after by some in the e46 community, but to answer your question it will be difficult to achieve this sound for the simple fact of the n54 being twin turboed. Even if you removed cats/resonators or essentially ran straight pipes you would still have trouble achieving this sound quality due to the turbos. IMO the sound of the n54 on a single turbo/open waste gate sounds much sexier than this, I guess the n54 sounds good in its own way lol.