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I have 2006 325 xi and i bought the afe intake model # 51/54-1102 had my mechanic install it.
the coupler 3.5x2 didn"t fit to big had to spend $40 for a new one.

losing power now it sucks bad was about to spend $ to reprogram the car.
called AFE they said they never heard of this beforeand they cant do anything for me. I told thm to read these post. I sent them the lnk 3 times and he said he never got it. now i have to pay someone to make this spacer so hopefully it works. they said just upgrade to a new one. the company doesnt want to hear the problems they have wrong and fix them just make money. I'm going to call back and see where i get. if anyone else has these isues call maybe if they get enough calls things will change.