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Originally Posted by Wolf 335 View Post
If you are refering to the mtech bumper lip, from the factory it comes glued on with this insane glue. You can buy it from the dealer and its expensive.

It you use 3M tape its very tricky to put on the lip. Its kind of a one time shot thing.
Definitely a two person job. And yes it will raise it up especially when looking from the side where it meets the bumper right in front of the wheel.
Personally i used the 3M tape, it holds up pretty good. Glue would have been better tho

If you use the dealer glue you get a bit of time to adjsut and align all the spots and everything will be flush. One downside with the glue is you will never ever be able to take the lip off.
Thanks everyone for the input, thats exactly what I was thinking. I believe it would stick out in the corners too. Thanks for the link to the 3m tape, still debating what to do. Below is the link to the glue I would buy which is BMW made as well as specifically for what I am trying to accomplish.