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udate success

UDATEEEEEEEE:happ yanim:

ok update, well i should have gone with the 400 option months ago after all my research i wasted, the auto tronics company was perfect, during all my searching that 2nd hand units arnt guarantied to work all the functions im glad i got mine fixed , as it was made for my car.

ok heres what options i had

bmw said
---get a new box $1800 there selling point is it has new software than older ones like for iphone etc

---2 nd hand from smash repair 3 month waranty ....or ebay no waranty $450 does not mean your phone book will display as it wasnt ment for your car

---after market unit...sorry not worth it when your vechile has the bluetooth option compared in quality wouldnt think of it

-------autotronics wich also you can call from there web site or ring the number on the ebay listing in melbourne and they dont charge you till after it is fixed ........ with 12 month warranty $400 , they fix unit and put new software on and programe to your vin number....

well my only prob was i wasted so much time on this i should have called the number first months ago,

i rang autotronics on friday he said post it with vin number , he rang me monday was all fixed , did payment on phone , arived tuesday , plugged in and perfect all menus work all numbers display iphone 5 works perfect couldnt be happier ...and 12 month warranty !!!

worth every sent..also they told me bmw wont fix bluetooth units as they dont make them so would rather get customers to buy new ones. great for making money ....well it is bmw !!!

heres the details they were friendly and super quick
, hope it helps as i wasted to much time on this easy fix