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Originally Posted by VTECaddict View Post
The bulb got dislodged from its socket.
I have seen this before...if the bulb has been replaced recently, or not, and it is not seated properly in its housing, it will not be pointing in the right direction. That is an easy fix....My wifes Passat takes a mirror and a flashlight held at just the right angle to even see the bulb which has to be rotated just right to fully seat into its housing...what a pain!...Her headlights were all askew after I put new ones in and it took a while to figure it out....

But if yours have never been replaced, and they are seated could have been a trick of the light so to speak. I tried my high beams in the fog the other night, and it looked like they were pointed in all different directions...I went back to low beams with the fog lights on and it was much better.

Yes, yellow fogs are the way to go!