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Originally Posted by Manny_World
Originally Posted by R.G. View Post

Yowza!! Upgraded turbos!!

Definitely seems like a slippery slope, when does the mod itch get satisfied!
The way I see it, the mod itch will never be satisfied. But in my case, after I complete Stage 3: Suspension & Brakes and Stage 4: Cosmetics of my project.

Stage 3
StopTech stage 2 upgrade kit (in the mail), stage 2 clutch when my stock one get burnt out, PSS when my Hancraps are tossed and a LSD.
Stage 4
Arkym lip, performance high kick spoiler, M3 side skirts, M Sport rear with CF diffuser, and some interior parts here in there.

Almost done! The only reason I'm getting upgraded turbos is to get rid of my wastegate rattles. I'm satisfied with my current power setup, but if I'm going to pay to get them replaced, might as well upgrade for a few hundred more. I'm definitely not in a rush since I'm planning on keeping the car for a long time.
Bro that's going to be a crazy set up
I have to look those mods up man but it sounds like you put a lot of research in to that game plan. Kudos on that.

Definitely throw some pics up as it comes together. Car looks smokin already.

Expect to hear from me as I start putting my list together haha!
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