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Dash Mounted Ipad mini for non navi e9x!


Not really sure how people will take to this so FLAMESUIT in advance. but I've always hated not having a navi or idrive , and the Dynavin even tho it looks great I wasn't really impressed to pay that kind of money for it. The ipad always seemed to big but the Ipad mini I feel is just right. it is attached using velcrow to the mount I made so I can take it out of the car to sync it or just for security reasons.I was thinking of using Aux to bluetooth adapter but am afraid to lose sound quality and bass. so Im about to run a flat 3.5mm wire to it under all the trim so it is real clean and only will be exposed right near the jack. still playing with the mount to get it exactly how I like it. Let me know what u guys think ,I know im not the first to mount a tablet but here it is. Also just installed a new Intake and Im loving the sound!

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