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Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
Michael, I salute you.

If you've got space for it don't sell it. Keep it. Look at it. Ride it occasionally. Remember the fun you had with Gary back in 1970whenever. You're never going to get the time and money back from this project and it's small enough to keep in a shed. It's not losing money, it's not making money. Run a hand over it once in a while and enjoy it.
Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
That is a stunning restoration. Reminds me of the absolutely dreadful Honda SS50 which I bought when I was 16, back in 1981!

If it was me, I'd be keeping your fantastic CB125, surely it can only appreciate in value from here.
Originally Posted by Toby1990 View Post
Ahh, brings back memories of my fizzy - Yamaha FS1E. Always used to beat the SS50sand the AP50s!

Think you'll regret it if you sell.......
Thanks for your kind comments chaps, as you say cost relatively nothing (insurance & electric) to keep it in it's air-con cocoon, just seems a shame for it to not to be ridden, if I could find someone else locally to go on trips with, I would keep it. Tried several branches of the Vintage Japanese Club, but the members just seem to be frustrated Rossi's (Barry Sheene's for you oldies) who want to ride everywhere balls out, on 1990's GPZ's & GSX's (not exactly what I class a classic bike) dressed in multi-coloured leathers with knee sliders, all very well on modern stuff, but hardly in keeping with a 65 mph 125 !!