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Upgrade Hi-Fi to HK (premium sound package) level?

I've always had premium sound options on my cars, but couldn't do so with my latest purchase of a 2013 E92.

While Hi-Fi is better than I expected, but still very disappointing (very bland though with high clarity) compared to the HK systems that I've been used to.

Since this car is a lease, I don't want to spend a ton of money even if the system is totally removable because it will be very difficult to sell it separately after 3 years.

My goal is to take hi-fi to at least on par with HK.

What is the best route here? BSW stage 1? Musicar stage 1? Or just an amp upgrade will suffice? Or does it take Musicar stage 2 or above?

I've read all the stickies and other threads, but couldn't find any direct comparison between those upgrade to the stock HK system.

Thanks for any advice!