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Originally Posted by YOYO42 View Post
That actually didn't cross my mind. I'm at a crossroad now because I was trying to keep the price of the build down without having to buy a JL cleansweep or MS8. I know you need to start with a clean signal for the best sound quality but I wonder what it would sound without either coding or a cleansweep.
PM replied.

You may try the SLX 210 without any OEM HU signal correction DSP and no coding, either by using the soft tweeter output from its crossover (that would mimic what the OEM Alpine kit does) or using the OEM Treble adjustment at the OEM HU and a smartphone RTA as a poor-man Cleansweep.

The woofers and the rear speakers need no correction.

HiFi coding is only recommended when a 6-channel, balanced inputs aftermarket amp is to be installed in a Stereo system.

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