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Help with an amp choice

Firstly Hi to all, very new to the Forum and I still haven't picked up my new E90 320d yet as I'm stuck in Denmark But I will have it soon when I return in a couple of weeks.

I opted to find an E90 with the basic audio system as I'm a bit of a lover of a great music system so hopefully will have minimum headaches in upgrading the system. Previous installs have always been Pheonix Gold Xenon which i loved, but can't find a UK PG dealer, plus it's time to try something new.

After having read many threads on here. I've come up with my System of choice. I will have the Rears disconnected but may add some in the future. Although very custom I will buy new panels and keep original so that I can sell it in the future as stock fit car.

Up front -
1. Hertz HSK163 - 3 Way Components(custom card builds)
2. iPad Mini as entertainment centre (moving HU to boot) - Custom motorized mount.

Boot -
Custom Corner Sub Enclosure with JL Audio 12W6v2
Amp - JL Audio XD600-1
Audison Bit Ten

I'm stuck on which amp to drive the Hertz components up front. I think I've short listed down to two possible choices, but only by reading reviews and doing some homework.

Pioneer PRS-D220
Focal FPP 4100

What are your thoughts on this system and the amp choices. Are there any I've overlooked. I'm a little apprehensive of the Bit Ten, it sounds like it does an amazing job and will certainly enhance any sound of the ipad, but is it absolutely necessary.

Anyway, thanks advance for any advice/critisism, it's all appreciated.

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