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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
- For this to work at all you need to have the drive-off auto-LOCK feature enabled and the doors need to lock for that reason. If you press the central locking button on the console, the doors won't auto-unlock the next time you turn the engine off.

Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
... Certainly I can simply disable auto locking in the BC (and for now, have), but ideally I'd have the doors auto lock, then auto unlock when the key is removed.
Hey Alex - I'm no coding pro, but I have CA and the auto-lock feature works for me on a 2008 E91. Having said that, it seems you said you BC - DISabled the auto lock and it needs to be BC - ENabled to work... am I reading that right, or you mean you DID / USED TO have it enabled and it didn't work when you coded it?

I have noticed on occasion (I have about a dozen items coded on my machine) every once in awhile a feature I have coded doesn't work and then later it works. Natrually this seems impossible - unless there is a reason, for example I just cleared a confusion about the Welcome Lights: I had fogs coded to come on with Welcome lights. Was working fine, I did it last night and now it didn't work. I was confused until I realized I had my light switch in "0" position, and it needs to be in "Auto" - now they work again. Perhaps your non-working properly-coded auto-locks are suffering some similar problem where prerequisite conditions aren't being met?