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Originally Posted by TotalPower View Post
If you had a 15 gallon tank full of dirty water and you put a 12oz bottle of clean water in it...the tank in reality will not be any cleaner what so ever.

Any fuel additive that is petroleum based ( power service, diesel kleen, etc) won't do shit to make your car run better-sorry. You're using petroleum to make diesel(petroleum) cleaner. You need something synthetic that is not petroleum based to make a difference. All the napa/pepboys/kragen junk on the shelves is the same shit "reformulated" which is why it has earned such a bad reputation for itself as snake oil. Sure it's compatible with your engine...because it's the same shit it's burning.

How easy... buy this, put it in your tank, and hope your 5 or 10bucks actually did what it said it was going to. How are you going to know? How are you going to check? Obviously you're not going to get your money back...
Out of curiosity, would you spend an additional .15 / gallon to fill up at a reputable station instead of a mom & pop shop you didn't trust? Because that's about the premium if you buy the additives in 80 oz containers. T many, $.15/g is money well spent for piece of mind. Your thoughts?

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