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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
+100 to the comment & NICE! To the image.

Ever since I did my first lightweight wheel setup on my first car I was hooked. The unsprung weight difference just gives the car an amazing feel and the rotational weight difference (double-whammy with the wheels) really helps out on the throttle response. (Especially in lower torque cars like my old one. This one...different monster)

So Mact, I can't help but notice you've been spending a good bit of time in our little forum. AE you considering coming to the Dark side?

At the moment I am need of a daily driver that is decent with good gas I just bought a 335D with Nav, sport, premium pkg with CPO....on its way from San Diego as we speak...hence I am on this board trying to learn about the 335D...I was very impressed with my test drive of the 335D with sports pkg and ended up buying one via internet the same day as my test drive.

M3 gone now...I am kind of done with sports cars for now, as I have had a Porsche C4S, a Lotus and 4 M3's over the past 10 yrs...I also just moved...but when I get settled in again I am sure another sports car will be in the garage...I am thinking of a GTR or a GT3 for the next one.