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Hesitation after DPF removal E 90 330D 57 plate

Just had the DPF removed from the car ( for reasons explained in another post ) so I wont explain further.

I now have a slightly different issue. Maybe linked to the DPF removal but I'm unsure.

At 1500 to 2000 rpm the car has "hiccuped" ( cant think of a better description ) under acceleration in fourth and sixth gear.
Twice last night and once this morning.
I'd like to stress that it is momentary ( about a second in duration ) and I just accelerated through it. But I never had this issue before the DPf was removed.

I've tried to read up on this and this may point to a problem with the EGR valve ? BUT the EGR valve was taken off, cleaned and refitted during the DPF removal works. So can anyone point me in the right direction ????

The software guy was off when my car had the DPF removed so the DPF software is still present on the ECU.
I'm going to get this removed on Friday by the guy who originally remapped my car and have it "tweaked" to reflect the freer flowing exhaust.

Could the DPF software still being in the ECU be causing this issue does any one know ? Or has anyone got any other suggestions ?

Thanks in advance