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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Wooo les boys! Trying to sell a car here

Seriously though, intake valve cleaning is required for ALL DI (direct injection) engines, and that means your Golf R may eventually require this cleaning too Glen, ha ha!

While DI engines are quite the future in terms of performance and efficiency (better mileage) the obvious downside is that the fuel is injected directly in the cylinders, without passing through the intake valves, and hence cleaning agents in the fuel no longer cleans the said valves. Now, why do the intake valves get all dirty, is because all modern engines recirculates crankcase air (oil fumes included) through the engine to be burned, so as to minimize polluting the environment. Those oil fumes cakes on the very hot intake tracts. In theory, blown engines have more blow by oil, but this is not always true.

Only required every 50,000kms or so. You car engine lack of smoothness or lack of power will let you know when it's time to clean.

+1, the above is correct, regardless of who is trying to sell the car and who isn't

Which makes me think, I definitely need to do this for the Mini... anybody do this in Montreal? I kind of find it hard to believe I can convince the dealer to do this, sigh.